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DVD Pecs are a large collection (over 500) of realistic picture exchange communication symbols. They are designed to assist children with autism and communication difficulties who use the picture exchange communication system (PECS).

One of the benefits associated with the ability to use a picture exchange system is lowered frustration, which in turn often results in a decline in many of the behavioral problems associated with autism. 

Many children have difficulty interpreting generic symbols and require pecs to look like actual objects. This usually leads to the use of photographs. Again this can cause difficulties,  because many children become distracted by the background and are not able to distinguish which object is the actual symbol.

With over 500 realistic boxed pictures, DVD Pecs has a wide assortment of children's all time favorite movies.

DVD Pecs can be downloaded in zip format, so you can start making your customized pages right away.  They come in jpeg format and have been made large (4.5 inches), so you can choose the size appropriate for your child. All instructions are included in the package.

DVD Pecs can be exceptionally useful when first introducing young children to the Picture Exchange Communication System. When children are starting a pec program, success can be achieved faster when the pec represents a highly desirable item for the child. Because many children with autism have a need for sameness, they tend to become quite "attached" to their favorite movies.


Choice Board

The gif images in this description have been optimized to achieve a faster loading time. The quality is not as clear as the actual jpegs.

The zip package is 14.5 MB's. Click on the download button below the sample pages to receive the package. If you have any difficulty following the directions, please contact us. 

DVD Pecs can also be an added bonus for those mom's who prefer to live with neatness and organization. It is beneficial to always keep desirable items out of reach when children are using a picture exchange system. When an item is not available, the child is more likely to use the symbol, which is a more effective form of communication. By using a choice board your child will have access to choose which movie they wish to see and the area can be kept neat and tidy.



This example page was made in Microsoft Word. They have been made 2 inches square.


This example page was made in Microsoft Word. They have been made 1.5 inches square.



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